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Traditional Tibetan Massage is known as Ku-Nye and was first mentioned in texts dating back to 1900 BC. At Tibetan Traditional Himalayan Massage Centre we assure therapeutic massages in a safe and serene environment.

The fundamental and traditional use of the pressure points along energy meridians provides the basis of our Himalayan massage technique. By including other techniques such as acupressure, rolling massage, kneading, kidney massage, basic postural assessment, effleurage and open energy work, we can address any problem or aliment.

With the special massaging ways of Ku-Nye, deep relaxation, reduced stress, pain relief and increased energy levels can be achieved. Special Tibetan herbal healing oils are used on the skin during the massage.

We offer foot, back, neck, shoulder, face, full body, reflexology, and a special Tsampa massage that involves the use of barley flour. Massage therapy is offered in increments of one-half hour.

here are some photos with Kunsang Dorjee or Chootuck at work

tibetan therapeutic massage


massage on shoulders


pressure point work for back massage


tibetan massage


pressure work on back

legs and feet worked on

tibetan facial massage



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